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Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism is repeating another person’s text or concepts and spending the derived material as his/her own work.

Plagiarism is use of any other author’s work and claiming as his/her own work. Plagiarism is academic dishonesty and can constitute copyright infringement. No publisher should publish these types of plagiarized articles.

AI Publications has journals of almost all fields and has a strict plagiarism policy. We don’t publish any article which is copied from any other published article without providing proper reference with limited content.

You may not even understand you're plagiarizing. It is your responsibility to create bound that you simply perceive the distinction between quoting and paraphrasing, also because the correct ways to cite and delineate quoted material.

We pass all the paper with this policy to reduce plagiarism of the article. We check article with software tool before passing it to the reviewer.

Plagiarism checking before publication of article:

After receiving article we checks initial plagiarism using a software and afterwards it is being handled as follows:

If Plagiarism is <10 %: If we find Plagiarism <10% then only we activate its paper id and send paper for further processing.

If Plagiarism is 10-30 %: In this case we do not activate paper id and send back to the author for further revision.

If Plagiarism >30 %: We reject Article straight forward if Plagiarism is more than 30 % and advise the author for complete revision of Article and author has to resubmit the article.

Plagiarism after publication:

If we find Plagiarism after publishing of paper then after verifying the copied content the paper may be retracted.

AI Publications always recommend to check Plagiarism before submission to the any of our journal and author should not submit the same paper to multiple journals for publications.

Plagiarism by any other Publisher

If we reported our published paper is being copied by another author of different/ same publisher without proper citation then we will inform editor of that publisher with complete detail. After that it will be handled at editor level.

If you find any plagiarized articles with us then please send details at: editor@aipublications.com

If your paper follows this Plagiarism Policy then you can send manuscript at: editor@aipublications.com / editor.aipublications@gmail.com  or Online.

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